How to save money on your water bill

The Department of Environment has issued an urgent call to save your water by reducing your carbon footprint.

The state’s Department of Energy and Resources (DECOR) said a new carbon tax would reduce your water use by a third within three years.

While there are different levels of carbon dioxide emissions from different sources, the government said carbon taxes were the cheapest option to reduce your overall water consumption.

There are several options you can consider, including using a smart meter, or reducing your water consumption by the amount of water you use.

It is a good idea to understand the types of carbon emissions you are using, and which sources of carbon are emitting the carbon dioxide.

If you are reducing your consumption of water, consider using a filter, watering less frequently, using a water conservator or a water filtration system.

DECOR said you can also reduce your carbon dioxide by buying green energy and using energy efficient appliances.

To find out how much CO2 you are adding to the atmosphere, you can download the Climate Change Assessment of Australia from the Department of Climate Change.