What if Westfield were to build a new citrus juice park in China?

The new Westfield Citrus Park in Shanghai, China.

source TechDig article Westfield plans to build the largest citrus juice plant in China, a 1,500-acre citrus juice factory and a brand new factory in Shanghai.

The project is scheduled to open later this year.

Westfield is planning to build one of the largest factories in China by 2020.

It’s estimated that Westfield’s Citrus Juice plant will produce 1,000 million gallons of juice a day, which is more than the combined production of China’s two biggest citrus farms.

In addition to its citrus production, Westfield will create thousands of jobs in China.

Westfonds said the new factory will be a “high-tech manufacturing facility” and will employ 2,000 people.

The company plans to employ 100,000 workers during the construction of the new facility.

The factory is expected to create more than 3,000 jobs in the United States, according to Westfield.

Westfields plans to produce its new juice plant by 2020, according the company.