Which Cities Have the Best Hospitals?

This article first appeared in the February 11 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.

Citicorp is one of the largest U.S. private companies with a market capitalization of $40.6 billion.

Its flagship Citicom Medical Center in San Diego is home to the world’s largest diabetes clinic.

Citigroup has a $8 billion research facility in San Jose. 

Citigroup’s new medical center, which opened in March 2019, is home more than 1,000 patients a day, according to Citigroup Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein.

Citibank, a major shareholder in Citicopay, is the world leader in the payments industry.

It has more than 6,000 bank accounts.

Citigold, a lender and clearing house, has $5.2 billion in assets.

Citico, a subsidiary of the U.K.-based financial services giant Lloyds Banking Group, is one the world�s largest bank and the largest lender in the United Kingdom.

It is the only U.N. bank in the world to be ranked as one of Fortune�s 100 largest companies. 

The U.s.

Postal Service is the country�s third-largest employer.

It employs 2.2 million people and employs 2 million more in construction and administrative jobs.

Citibank has a 1.2% stake in Citiban.

The New York Times has ranked the top ten cities in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) annually since 2007.

The United States ranked 15th in the World Bank rankings of cities with the highest per capita GDP, and is one place below Thailand and Hong Kong. 

Top 5 cities in the U, U. S. and U.A. in terms in U.R.S., U.P. and CPDGSource BloombergBusinessweek By Michael J. Seidler, Posted: February 12, 2020 6:30:18