How to pay for citrus highschool’s citrus grove academy

Posted September 28, 2018 12:32:07 A citrus high-school in Melbourne’s north-east has received the green light to start construction on its new high school in Meiwoong in 2018.

Melbourne City Council granted the High School of Orange Grove academy permission for the first phase of construction, which will be the first of its kind in the state.

“The council was very supportive of this project,” Meiwong City Council leader, Michael O’Connor, said.

“We are very pleased that it has been approved and it will give us an opportunity to make the project a reality.”

The first phase will have two buildings on the site.

The first will be a high school and will be designed by Brisbane architect and builder, Ben Williams, while the second building will be an arts school.

“It will be something that is completely different from the existing high school,” Mr Williams said.

He said it would be built on the land of Meiwogong High School and be one of the first high schools in Melbourne to have an arts centre.

“There will be lots of arts, cultural, social, community events, a large open space, lots of community spaces, and it’s going to be a great place for children to learn about and enjoy their heritage,” he said.

Mr Williams said the new building was “not going to just be a building, it will be more than that”.

“It’s going, it’s about being a space where kids can learn, a place where they can develop and be creative and to have fun.”

Mr Williams has worked with the city to ensure the building would be “green” and be a “social hub”.

“I think that this is an opportunity for the council to do something that’s really positive, that’s about building a school that’s open, accessible, inclusive and inclusive of the community,” he added.

“I hope that it’s a catalyst for a lot of positive change and I think that’s going for the community in the next five years.”

Mr O’Conner said the council was also looking at other opportunities for the school.

“We’ll have a little bit of a school for children that haven’t had a school yet,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Good Morning Melbourne.

“One of the challenges we have in the city is that we are really limited in our ability to do that, so we want to do what we can to be as creative and imaginative as we possibly can, and that’s what this school is going to allow us to do.”

Mr Howard said the project would allow Meiwogging High School to expand its curriculum and make it more competitive.

“They’re not just going to replace the existing school, they’re going to actually add a new school,” he explained.

“This is going be a very successful school.”

The Meiwogan High School has already had some success with a new sports hall, a community centre and a school gym.

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