Orange County court orders judge to pay $5m in damages over Citrus County jail riot

A Orange County judge has ordered the city of Citrus to pay the city more than $5 million in damages in connection with a riot that broke out at a jail where inmates were rioting, authorities said on Wednesday. 

The judge also ordered Citrus officials to take steps to restore order and to keep prisoners from assaulting others or harming them, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement. 

At least 19 people were injured, some with broken bones, the district attorney’s office said.

It said at least three other people were arrested for assaulting people and property.

The riot occurred on August 18, 2018.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office also said that two inmates were shot.

The state attorney general said on Tuesday that authorities have not been able to identify the shooter, who was captured and charged with murder and other crimes. 

“I am so sorry for the harm that occurred during the riot,” said Orange County Supervisor of Schools, Michael Bocanegra, in a release. 

In a statement, Orange County Mayor Stephanie Miner said she was deeply disappointed that Citrus had not fully cooperate in an investigation into the riot. 

She said she also hoped that the judge’s order would “allow the City to begin the healing process.” 

A total of 23 rioters were taken into custody.