FourFour Two: Orange County’s Orange Speedway weather

Orange County is in the middle of a major hurricane season.

The Orange County Speedway is located at the mouth of the Orange River in Orange, California, and is located in a high-water area of the lake.

This year, the Orange County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution calling for the Orange Speedways annual storm runoff limit of 25 inches to be reduced to 10 inches in the Orange and Orange County, California area.

This measure passed unanimously.

The city of Orange was the first county to enact the storm runoff reduction measure, as a part of a pilot project in 2016.

As part of the pilot, Orange received $1 million from the National Park Service and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to implement the reduction of storm runoff in Orange County.

Orange County currently has a runoff limit that is 15 inches.

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is working with OCTA and other agencies to implement a storm runoff management plan to decrease storm runoff and restore the flow of the river to its natural conditions in the area.

 On July 12, 2017, the OCTA began a six-week rain-discharge reduction project on the Orange Creek Road that began with the removal of four bridges and a portion of a retaining wall on the riverfront. 

On August 13, 2017 the OCCA began a four-week storm water management program, which was the largest in the county.

The program includes water pumping stations, a water-level monitoring system, and a stormwater management system to manage storm water runoff in the river.

The OCCA has been working with the State of California, the National Weather Service, and other partners to identify storm water storage areas in the areas of the city of Huntington Beach and Orange.

On August 23, 2017 , OCCA contracted with CalPERS to provide storm water monitoring and monitoring of storm water discharge in Orange.

On September 3, 2017 OCCA completed a pilot program to determine if water management could be improved in Orange using a combination of storm-water management, storm-surge management, and hydrologic models.

The pilot program included the establishment of a hydrologically active stormwater system that will monitor storm water releases from the city and surrounding areas.

Following this pilot project, OCCA implemented a six month reduction in storm water flow to reduce storm runoff by at least 25 inches, from a maximum of 55 inches.

OCCA expects the city to achieve the 20-foot storm water drainage limit by mid-November.

This year, OCSA has completed a storm water mitigation program to address storm water impacts in Orange and will conduct another pilot program with the City of Huntington.

In addition to this pilot program, OCTA is also working with a local hydrologist, to identify water management areas and areas that could benefit from storm water control measures.

For more information, visit OCCA’s website at and call Orange County Department of Water Supply at 855-847-3880.