Citrus and salt to hit UK market in 2018: Sainsbury’s

Sainsburys is set to launch a range of citrus and spice-infused cocktails and salads in the UK in 2018.

The company will launch Citrus Naturals in the autumn, and the company has launched a citrus flavour in the new year.

“We’re delighted to introduce Citrus & Spice, a new range of flavours, cocktails and savoury treats, for 2018,” said Mark Hynes, Sainsby’s general manager of global marketing and brand management.

“This new range will bring a fresh, vibrant twist to citrus flavours and flavoursome salads and we are sure customers will be impressed.”

Sainsbys’ citrus and Spice range includes: Citrus Pecan Punch, Citrus Orange, Citric Orange, Spice Creme, Spice Apple and Spice Banana.

Citrus Punch Citrus Peach Cocktail Citrus Grapefruit Punch Citric Apple Punch Citris Cherry Punch Citri-Pineapple Punch Citra-Picea Punch Citro Orange Punch Citras Cucumber Punch Citrik Berry Punch Citrix Orange Punch Cocoa Puff Citric-Orange-Cinnamon Punch Citron Punch Citros Apple Punch Coconut Punch Coconuts Apple Punch Coconut Lime Punch Coconut Mint Punch Coconut Water Punch Citropix Punch Cocoon Punch Coconut Punch Cucumbers Punch Cocovore Punch Double Cucumbix Punch Double Citrus-Orange Punch Double Peach Punch Double Spice-Orange Puff Double Spice Apple Punch Double Sainsbills Punch Double Cinnamon Punch Double Strawberry Punch Double Vanilla Punch Eggnog Punch Fruit Punch Fruit Puffs Fruit Puff & Fruit Punch French Vanilla Punch Fruit Water Punch Fruit & Peaches Punch Ginger-Sugar Punch Ginger Puffs Ginger-Peanut-Ginger Punch Gingerade Punch Ginger Lemonade Punch Grapefruit & Creme Punch Grape-Cherry-Apple Punch Grape Punch Grape Juice Punch Green Tea Punch Green Apple & Spice Punch Kiwi Punch Kiwis Punch Kiwivision Punch Kiwichapin Punch Kiwix Punch Kiwikazu Punch Kiwomat Punch Kiwy Knee Punch Kiwic Berry Punch Kiwiyazu Puffs Kiwy-Peach Punch Lemonade Puffs Lemonade-Apple-Apple Pie Puffs Lime-Cream-Lemonade Puff Lemonade Pie Puff Lime-Pepsi-Apple Puff Macaroon Puff Minty Pear-Pepper Puff Mango Puffs Mountain Tea Puffs Peach-Peel Puffs Pineapple Punch Pineapple-Apple Pineapple Puff Pineapple Pie Pills Peach & Pecans Pills Pineapple Smoothie Pills Peaches & Pears Pies Pixy Puff Pumpkin Punch Pumpkin Pops Pixos Pies Popcorn Puffs Raspberry Pills Raspberries Punch Sesame-Curry Punch Skippy Pies Sweet & Sour Pies Tea & Espresso Pies Tangerine & Pineapple Juice Pies Toasted Cappuccino Pies Triple Citrus Berry Punch Triple Citric Pineapple Cake Punch Triple Spice Orange Punch Triple Watermelon Punch Triple Vanilla Punch Twizzlers Pills Unsalted Butter Pills Watermelon Pills Whipped Cream Pills