What you need to know about the citrus season 2 tv show

A TV series based on the cult classic TV series The Limey Citrus is set to debut in the UK on Friday, August 3.

Produced by the popular children’s television show The Limeys and written by the family’s long-time comedy duo, Will & Max, the show is inspired by the books and movies of the same name.

The show is set in the 1970s and stars Will & Lucille, a family of lime green family with a secret mission to clean up the countryside, as well as a family friend named Will.

The show’s cast includes the show’s most popular stars, Will Arnett (Will & Lucile), who plays Will & Felix, and Nick Frost (Will), who portrays Felix.

The main plot of the series centres around a family mission to clear the house of pests by taking them off the trees and planting them on the ground.

The series is described as a “greatly funny, fun and clever children’s show with a lot of nostalgia for the 80s”, and the production team is aiming for an average audience of 10 to 12 year olds.

The series will air on ITV1, with episodes available on the BBC iPlayer.