Why is Indoor Citrus Trees in the South Australian City of Adelaide being removed?

The City of South Australia is considering the removal of trees from its Central City parks, after a group of residents raised concerns about them.

A group of around 30 residents living in the city of Adelaide’s Central City had raised concerns in January about the growth of trees in the area.

They said the trees were encroaching on the public space and that the city was losing more and more trees each year.

A City of SA spokesman said at the time that the City of Edinburgh, a city in Scotland, was considering removing all trees in its parks.

The group had been told by the City that trees were growing in parks and gardens, and that they were being encroached upon.

The group had also raised concerns that there was a lack of adequate fencing around the city’s parks.

But, the spokesman said the City had now consulted with the Adelaide Forest Trust, which had concluded that it was appropriate to take the trees down.

In Adelaide’s CBD, the City’s trees were also being removed from public parks and areas.

Mr Jervis said at a meeting of the Adelaide City Council in January that the Council had received several calls from residents about the trees and that some people had also contacted them about having their trees removed.

“The Council is looking at all options and we are taking this as a matter of urgency,” he said.

“There are many people living in Central City and some of the trees have been there for decades.”

This is a matter for the council to decide, whether they want to remove it or not.

“Mr Jevis said the council had not decided on whether to take down the trees, but had been considering it.”

We are in discussions with the council about how best to proceed and we will make a decision at the end of the month,” he told AAP.”

In the meantime, we are working closely with the City Council to try and figure out how best we can take these trees down.