Which citrus beer brands are the best?


CITRus is the first citrus beer company to make a craft beer in the United States.

We’re a privately held company with a focus on small batch, handcrafted beer.

We focus on the flavor and aromas of our ingredients and strive to bring that to the consumer, while offering the best possible value for our customers.

CITRABLOX is a service and a platform that enables us to share what we are passionate about with our customers, including the consumer.

The CitraBLOX service is a subscription-based service that enables Citrablox users to upload their favorite CitraBlox recipes and recipes to be shared with others.

The recipes uploaded by Citra BLOX users can then be shared via the CitraCox website.

Citra CFO Brian Sauter was also featured in our recent “CitraCros” segment of the ABC News “Cavs & Brews” segment.