Target citrus heights: What you need to know

Target citrus restaurants have been targeted by health inspectors for the past few months, and in some cases, the inspection was ordered under the “containment of hazardous materials” standard, which was set in 2014.

The new standard was put into place in late April.

“We have had a few instances of students in our restaurants not showing up for work.

This is in compliance with the standard,” said Melissa Smith, a spokeswoman for the chain.

The chain says the inspectors have come to a number of conclusions, but has not yet provided specifics.

The inspections were done by a different inspector than the one who issued the current inspections.

The restaurant owners say they are aware of the inspections and take them very seriously.

“We have an ongoing investigation with our restaurant safety officer,” said Greg Tisdale, a spokesperson for the Orange County Health Department.

“He has provided us with a letter of investigation that will be completed by the end of the week.”

The chain has issued a statement to Medical News today saying, “While this investigation is ongoing, we are committed to providing our guests with a safe environment and working diligently to ensure our employees are working safely and in accordance with the health and safety standards of the Food and Drug Administration.”

“Target is a great company, and we look forward to working with our customers, regulators and the Orange Department of Health to provide a safe and enjoyable dining experience for all of our guests,” the statement said.