Citrus parkland Mall: RTE’s special report on the new retail hub

RTE: Citrus Park Mall is the latest shopping centre to be transformed into a luxury shopping centre, but where will it all go?

The new mall is being built on the site of the old Citrus Mall, which was built in the late 1980s.

The mall, which will be called Citrus Place, is set to be the world’s largest retail centre with a capacity of 25 million square feet.

It will also include a boutique hotel, hotel apartments, a hotel office and a shopping mall.RTE’s Nick Stoddart has been to the site to meet the developers.

Nick Stoddard: What was the project like?

The project is being billed as the largest commercial development in Britain, but it’s more of a residential project.

The project, which is part of the larger redevelopment of the site, will include four towers, which are currently occupied by the Citrus Centre.

The developer has said that it is hoping to create up to 10,000 new jobs and boost local incomes by £2bn, with the aim of having the area “a vibrant destination for shoppers, office workers and visitors”.

But there’s some concern about the potential impact of the mall on the area’s natural beauty.

The site, which sits just outside of the city of Liverpool, is an ancient hilltop and was the site for the first Citrus mall, a shopping centre that opened in 1963.

Nick: What is the appeal of Citrus?

Nick Stodard: It’s an attractive shopping centre for shoppers and office workers, and it’s an attraction for the area.

There are plenty of attractions for people to do in the area – from golfing and the arts to tennis and golf.

Nick: How will the new shopping centre affect the environment?

Nick: It will have a large residential area, with apartments and hotel accommodation, with a hotel being located on top of the retail building, and a hotel on top, in the middle of the shopping centre.

It’s going to be a large commercial centre, which includes a boutique, hotel and hotel office.

It has an attractive, modern design and a large outdoor terrace with views of the river Thames.

There will be a retail and restaurant area.

The hotel will be on top and it will be connected to the main shopping centre by a huge parking area, so there will be an area for people that live in the neighbourhood to do business.Nick.